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A Virtual Concert Series for Senior Care

Moments for Care is an initiative that was put together with the goal of bringing moments of joy to residents, care teams and support staff. Through music and other sources of live entertainment, we hope to bring a moment of peace, fun and distraction amidst all the chaos.

Missed our 1st event?

About Moment for Care

A free virtual concert hosted on May 21st

Featuring Kimberly Sunstrum and David Kalil, our first event was hosted on May 21st. The free concert was streamed on YouTube Live and lasted 40 minutes.

Didn’t make it live? Just check out the recording 🙂




100% FREE


Creating moments of joy, peace and comfort

It’s a difficult time for everyone in Senior Care. Our goal is to give everyone a chance to care for themselves and enjoy the moment.


For residents, it’s been a tough few weeks of self-isolation.

Frontline Care Teams

For frontline care teams, it’s meant long hours, extra shifts and added risk.

Support Staff

For Support Staff, it’s also meant longer hours, new stresses and a need to constantly adapt.

Everyone else involved!

There’s been a lot of change across the board for everyone involved.


Working with amazing local artists

We’re thrilled to be able to work with and support amazing local artists with this initiative. We hope you’ll appreciate their talents as much as we do!

Kimberly Sunstrum

Kimberly Sunstrum


Kimberly Sunstrum

David Kalil

David Kalil

Singer - Pianist

David Kalil

Our Community

We are always looking for more artists to join our cause

Singer, musician, entertainer, comedian? If you’re a performer with the ability to perform live remote shows and want to take part, please reach out!

Get in touch
Who we are

Who’s behind this initiative?

Moments for Care is an initiative that was co-launched by the teams at Cliniconex and CareWorx Fully Managed.

Let’s create something special


Whether you’re looking for more information, want to get involved as a performer, interested in sponsoring or just have a question. Please reach out, we’d love to hear from you!